Welcome to Personal Legend Organizing!
Do you feel like your home has betrayed you? It used to be a place of Comfort and Calm. Now you only experience Chaos & Clutter?

Do you recognize these signs:

  • Your morning routine is slowly unraveling and no one seems to notice or care except for you
  • You are wrestling each morning with a cluttered closet and feel victorious when you find a mate to a shoe
  • Your children keep asking why they can’t have play dates at their house

It’s ok.  You may not know where to start.  I do not judge. I’m here to help!

You love being a Professional and a Mom. It’s an incredible adventure. But where do you turn when you are feeling the weight of the world on your shoulders because your organization and routines have deserted you?

You’re in the right place.
The solution isn’t another bin or storage container.
It’s the person who can DIAGNOSE your SPECIFIC clutter concerns and
provide a UNIQUE prescription on how to solve them.

Not sure if you own your stuff or if your stuff owns you?  Ask these questions. Do you have:

  • Closets packed so full of clothes that it could be mistaken for a small boutique?
  • Kids’ rooms and play rooms bursting at the seams with toys and other kid stuff?
  • A Home Office that looks like overflow file storage for a major corporation?

Have no Fear! That’s where I come in! I’m Geanine  Thompson, Professional Organizer and former Wall Street Marketing Executive. I became successful in part due to my legendary skill as an organizing ninja of people, places and things. I understand your challenges.
I can help you GET organized and STAY organized!


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Being disorganized and not dealing with your clutter has severe consequences. Not only can it affect your relationships at home and your performance at work, it has been proven to affect your quality of life in other areas including:

  • Making you feel tired and depressed
  • Enabling you to procrastinate
  • Costing you financially
  • And more…

Are you willing to pay the price?

It doesn’t have to be that way. You could wake up and know where everything is. IMAGINE THIS…

  • Closets where you can find everything quickly and easily. You will be on time — no more “where is it dance?” in the morning.
  • Kids’ room/ play area with the right bins and boxes for toys and art supplies that your little people will love. They will actually put their things away!
  • A Home Office with a clean, functional work space. Find client info, office supplies and important materials in an instant and boost productivity!


You are here on this planet to do something amazing and I can assure you that it’s not wasting countless hours chasing down keys, wayward shoes, toys or any other assortment of lost stuff.

Let’s get you refocused on what’s important — more free time with your family and friends and quality time to do whatever else you love to do!


You no longer have to handle this on your own.
Whatever your situation, I CAN HELP!
No space is too big or small.  And I work with a wide array of budgets.

Working with me is EASY, FAST and FUN!

TO GET STARTED NOW Email me or call (917) 847-6684 for a Complimentary Strategic Organization Consultation to discuss your organizing challenges and how we can best solve them.

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